Welcome to Programming!

Today marks the day you start learning to code! This site is designed to help anyone learn the basics of programming using the Python programming language.



Python is one of many programming languages used in today’s applications. Many different applications use this programming language to solve modern day technology problems.


Some examples where Python is used are email clients, mathematical modeling software, data-mining software, video games, and so much more! In fact, many companies/organizations such as NASA, Google and Reddit use Python to accomplish many technological tasks.


This tutorial will assume you have successfully installed Python 3.5 or later. If you have not, please navigate to www.python.org to download Python. Tutorials exist on that site for installation. In addition, there is documentation that shows all the features of Python, but that will not guide you through the process using games and other very relevant interactions.


From here, we will be diving into Python to create programs that accomplish game-based tasks. Please keep the following things in mind while learning Python:

  • Python is not the “best” or “worst” programming language. Different languages accomplish different tasks.
  • This is one of many ways to learn code. This guide was created with entry-level learners in mind.
  • For each program that we create, make sure you understand the intention of each line of code. I did not put any unnecessary code into this book. Everything serves a purpose.


 Chapter 0.2 - Python Interface & Quick Tips